Our Strategy

The company has grown from being a customs broker specializing in inbound and customs clearance, to a freight forwarding company and a warehousing service provider. The company commits to the following strategies:


Target Clientele

- Focus of the company is on providing quality service to its clientele.

Product Development

- Improvement of the company’s services is a continuing process.

Market Development

- Off-shore marketing is a present endeavor of the company which expands to its Asian neighbors, as well as to Europe and North America.

Expansion of services

- Continuously but cautiously, the company embarks on expansion of our services. The company’s clients have benefited from the adoption of this policy. Most notable benefits include reduction in processing time and transportation expenses.


Breaking Communication Barriers


One of the reasons for the fast release of client’s goods is the efficient communication system of Cyrus Logistics, Inc. The Company is equipped with the latest information and communication technology tools to keep customers informed about the status, problems, and concerns about their cargo. Customers are assured of fast and reliable flow of information resulting in a trouble-free releasing of shipments.

Our Strength

The company success is anchored on our major assets
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