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Riding with the times, our company is accredited with the Intercommerce Network Services, an accredited Customs Work Station (CWS) that enables the electronic transfer of documents between the Bureau of Customs (BOC), and the Customs Broker. With CWS, Cyrus Logistics, Inc., prepares import entry declarations online, submits them by batch and prints import entry declarations and assessments notices.

Convenience in payment is achieved through the e-payment of duties and taxes, which benefits our clients.
The Super Green Lane (SGL)


Alongside the CWS network process, the company uses the Super Green Lane facility of the Bureau of Customs for some clients, which significantly speeds up documentation and cargo releasing.



We are now implementing a more robust enterprise resource planning system through the SAP Business One System. This enables us to effectively serve our clients accurately and rapidly.

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To ensure an effective flow of communication and perform effective services to our customers and business tie-ups, we have acquired and maintained the following equipment:

Transport Vehicles:

- 1 Forward Truck

- 2 Tractor Heads

- 3 Isuzu Closed Vans

- 1 Refrigirated Van

Warehouse Equipment:

- 2 Forklifts

- 2 Palette Trucks

Office Equipment:

- Desktop Computers

- Laptop Computers

- Printers

- Fax Machines

- Photocopying

- LAN Server

- SAP Server

- Telephones

- Mobile Phones

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