About Cyrus Logistics, Inc.

Cyrus Logistics Inc., Started out humbly as a customs releasing enterprise, then gradually raised to what it is today – a significant player in the global logistics industry. The company was incorporated on june 18, 1990 in Manila Philippines and has complied with all the country’s legal and statutory requirements, including that of the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.


Initially offering customs brokerage services, the company expanded its market by eventually engaging in import and export processing, domestics and international freight forwarding, and presently warehousing services. The company established good standing among the country’s logistics providers and has acquired accreditation with the Philippine Shippers Bureau (PSB), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Federation of Accredited Customs Brokers and Forwarders of the Philippines (FACFOB), Air cargo Forwarders of the Philippines (AFPI), Civil Aeronautics Board, and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



Our Company is an active member of Global Link, a world renowned network of independent freight forwarders throughout the world.



After more than twenty years of progressive operations, Cyrus Logistic Inc. today has grown to become a competent and highly competitive name in the Philippine’s logistics Industry, we have been working doubly hard to become a significant player in the global logistics arena. Presenty, we are servicing the United States, England, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and China.


Cyrus logistics, Inc.’s vision is to be recognized as among the leaders in the global Logistics Industry

Provide optimum logistics solution in meeting our global customer’s requirements to achieve their trust and satisfaction.
Provide a company environment that will enable our employees to gain experience and continual improvement of their knowledge and skills.
Comply with all legal and statutory requirements.
Establish satisfying and mutually beneficial relationship with our global customers and business partners.
Adapt the best and proven technologies for the benefit of our company and the satisfaction of our customers.
Support internal and external efforts for a safe healthy, sound environment, and quality service in meeting our customers’ requirements.
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Our Pride: Our Service

President / CEO

“Since the beginning of my adult life, I had always dreamed of owning a brokerage and freight forwarding business.

So much so that when I started a small Customs Brokerages company in the early 1990’s in the City of Manila in the Philippines. I poured all my efforts into it. Of course I had my husband and myself as the first employees of the company. Then I hired seven people to cover our operations in the three biggest ports in Manila. MY employees have since grown more than eight times the original number.

Gradually we expanded our brokerage services to include Export and Import. Then we added Freight Forwarding, lease Warehousing, and Distribution services.

In 2007, we acquired our own Warehousing facility. We now operate globally, my goal then, and still today, has been to be included among the top 1,000 corporations in the Philippines.

In all our activities, our mission has been to satisfy our client’s requirements by providing them with quality service. I am happy when I see a customer satisfied with our service”

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